CAMERON — A man who took Emily Hacker’s body from Rockdale to private property near Lyons, buried it in a shallow grave and burned it was sentenced Thursday to 10 years probation.

Kevin Cormier was the last person sentenced in connection with Hacker’s January 2017 killing.

Watching the five men and women sentenced in the murder should have brought Hacker’s mother some peace, she said.

However, Terri Wilson said there was “no justice for Emily at all.”

Wilson wasn’t happy about any of the sentences given in her daughter’s case. She said it seemed everyone involved got less time than they deserved.

Milam County District Attorney Bill Torrey was asked Friday by the Telegram in two emails his reasons for offering plea bargains in each of the five cases. Torrey didn’t respond to either request by press time.

Edward Brandon Barry and Candice Jones were each sentenced to 50 years in prison, but will be eligible for parole in 25 years. First charged with capital murder, the charge was changed to murder as part of a plea deal.

John Stewart was sentenced to 18 years in prison in exchange for a plea bargain. He agreed to plead guilty to aggravated assault, and will be eligible for parole in nine years.

Ashley Wesson-Zawadzke was given 15 years in prison for her plea deal. She also pleaded guilty to aggravated assault instead of murder. Her cap was set at 20 years.

Hacker was savagely beaten to death in a Rockdale home.