Terrikah Lyn Haynes

Terrikah Lyn Haynes

 A Temple woman charged with endangering the lives of two of her children was found incompetent to stand trial, her Belton attorney, Tim Mahler, said.

Mahler told the Telegram on Thursday he filed a motion in December for a psychological examination for Terrikah Haynes.

He said Haynes was found incompetent to stand trial, but he just doesn’t know when she will be transferred to a medical facility for evaluation since the waiting lists to get into the facilities are long.

Bell County District Attorney Henry Garza confirmed Thursday that Haynes was found incompetent.

“Currently she awaits transfer to a state facility. The status of the cases today will wait until there is a future evaluation that will be performed to determine whether she is able to regain competency,” Garza told the Telegram.

“The facts and circumstances of the alleged offense give rise to the possibility that the defendant was not competent at the time of the alleged commission of said offense,” the motion said.

In addition, Mahler expressed his belief in the motion that Haynes didn’t presently have the ability to consult with him “to a reasonable degree of rational understanding, and does not have a rational or factual understanding of the proceedings against defendant.”

When found in a house during a Sept. 30 welfare check, Haynes appeared to be catatonic, Temple Police spokesman Cody Weems previously said.

Haynes was conscious, wouldn’t talk and her pupils appeared dilated, according to an arrest affidavit obtained by the Telegram.

Charges against Haynes

Haynes was scheduled to be arraigned Friday in the Bell County 426th District Court with Judge Fancy Jezek presiding. She was indicted on two counts of abandoning or endangering a child causing imminent danger of death or bodily injury, both second-degree felonies.

The charges are in connection with the conditions in which two of her children, Juliet and Jaylah Boyd, ages 4 and 6, were found in Sept. 30 during a welfare check.

Haynes’ youngest two children were already dead when Temple Police officers entered the house for a welfare check. Preliminary autopsies ordered by Justice of the Peace Cliff Coleman said the girl, 1-year-old Janae Letrice Boyd, and her brother, 2-year-old Terik Amaru Boyd, died of neglect. The manner of death was ruled homicide in both cases.

It is unknown how long Janae and Terik were dead.

Weems previously said the children had been dead “for quite some time.”

When found at the house in the 1500 block of South 35th Street, the children had no edible food, water or electricity. The water was disconnected Sept. 3.

Haynes hasn’t been charged in connection with the deaths of her two children.