Temple warming shelter

A man known as Cowboy puts on a glove as he prepares for the day outside the Impact Church warming center on Tuesday. Attendees were provided a warm place to sleep, a bed and a hot breakfast.

Workers at Temple’s two warming shelters are already making preparations as cold weather is expected for the rest of the week.

Bill Scofield, the shelter coordinator at Temple Impact Church, said his organization and the Temple Salvation Army shelter would both be open for at least the next three nights. This comes as the National Weather Service shows temperatures to fall to or below freezing.

Impact Church, 306 E. Adams Ave., and the Temple Salvation Army, 419 W. Ave. G., regularly open on nights when temperatures get cold so those with nowhere else to go can stay warm.

The shelters open when temperatures hit 32 degrees with wind chill, or 35 degrees when it is wet outside.

On Wednesday night the National Weather Service shows temperatures expected to get down to 29 degrees with wind chill.

Scofield said that in addition to being open at night, his organization plans to be open all day Wednesday due to how cold temperatures are expected to be.

Despite the need to stay open for so many days, Scofield said this year has seen the shelter run more smoothly than in previous years. He said this was due to the organization hiring employees to watch the shelter at night when many volunteers previously didn’t want to.

“As far as compared to last year, everything is going smoother,” Scofield said.

Another change this year has also been the shelter’s partnership with Feed My Sheep, which has donated needed food supplies.

Scofield said that, despite this, the organization is still calling on those in the community to donate any meals that they can make.

“We always need prepared meals,” Scofield said. “If someone wants to bring a meal or bring some food, just tell them to bring it on down. Our freezer is bare and we are operating on just what we got coming in.”

Those interested in helping can do so by calling Scofield at 254-493-5422.