Sean Lee Eggleston

Sean Lee Eggleston was struck and killed by an SUV while riding his bicycle early Sunday.

A memorial service for a man killed Sunday by a hit-and-run driver will be held Saturday at Feed My Sheep, 116 W. Ave. G.

Sean Lee Eggleston, 32, of Temple will be remembered beginning at 3 p.m.

Donna Sochia, Sean’s mother, arrived in Temple Thursday afternoon from New York state after driving for two days. She’s cried a lot since finding out Sean died, but she said “that has to be normal.”

Sean was a good person and was intelligent, Sochia said. She said Jason, his younger twin brother, misses him a lot.

“They were like two halves of one person,” she said.

Jason and Sean fixed bicycles, and both brothers were very proud of them.

“When he was young, he wanted to make video games. Many people in Temple tell me he fixed electronics and sold them while he was here,” Sochia said.

It was hard for her to keep in touch with Sean because he usually didn’t have a phone. He didn’t keep in contact with anyone but his brother, his mother said. Sean also has an older sister, Nikki.

Jason is supposed to go back with his mother to New York.

“Texas is a long way from NYS. I don’t want to have to do the trip again. Jason lost a half of himself, not just a brother,” Sochia said.

Sochia is visiting the site where Sean died to see if she can make any sense of things. Then she’ll go Saturday to the memorial and leave afterward to take her middle child home.

Sochia said she wants people to know that accidents happen, but when you leave the scene after killing a person — it’s a crime.

“I want them to know you can’t just hit someone on the sidewalk and leave them there. They killed a person,” she said. “That’s what makes me the angriest. I just want to know why they would leave him there like that?”

She could forgive the person if he or she came forward. She prays for the person that hit him, Sochia said.

“I feel if they felt guilt, they would come forward,” she said. “They know they killed him.”

Sochia believes the person might have been drunk, high or both.

“All we know is apparently it could be one of two people. They (the police officers) say they are gathering evidence.”

There were witnesses who saw Sean run over by a white SUV while riding his bicycle at about 3:45 a.m. The driver left the scene, near the intersection of Birdcreek Drive and Southwest HK Dodgen Loop

Eggleston was homeless, Staci Masson, executive director of Feed My Sheep, told the Telegram Thursday. She said the homeless community and people at the agency were all touched by knowing him. What happened to him has affected each of them, she said.

“We want the community to know how much the entire homeless community is affected,” Masson said.

Saturday’s memorial service will be outside and socially distanced. Those attending will sit across the street in the grass and some chairs will be sectioned off, as well.

Michael Lawson, a minister, will lead the service and talk about Eggleston, according to Masson.

“Everyone needs a chance to grieve and get closure,” she said. “His friends need the chance to grieve. We need to do this every time we lose a homeless person.”

A two-person ministry team will lead the music, Masson said. People will be invited to talk about Sean.

Masson stressed that Feed My Sheep has to go beyond the physical needs of the homeless and must help and support the whole person — treating them with dignity, respect and honor.

“We need to instill in them this doesn’t have to be their future. They need to have hope for themselves and see their own gifts and potential,” Masson said.