The Peanut Gallery Preschool on Saulsbury Drive in Temple was closed after several people associated with the daycare tested positive for COVID-19, local officials announced Friday.

“Most of the cases are from the same family,” Amanda Robison-Chadwell, the Bell County Public Health District director, said in a statement.

Robison-Chadwell did not disclose the number of cases related to The Peanut Gallery, 2202 Saulsbury Drive, nor where the people may have contracted the virus.

Cadence Education, the company that manages the two Peanut Gallery locations in Temple, has temporarily closed both preschools, according to its COVID-19 school status tracker. The other location is at 519 Guy Drive.

The health district reported nine new cases Friday. At least 333 Bell County residents have contracted COVID-19.

“The health district discussed the issue with the facility and instructed them on the process to clean and sanitize as well as to keep those with positive cases and those with close contact from returning for 14 days,” Robison-Chadwell said. The facility is reaching out to the individuals who have been impacted and is working with the health district to address any concerns.

This is the second Temple daycare to shutter after a COVID-19 infection. An employee of New Beginnings Learning Academy tested positive for the virus last week. Two additional positive cases resulted from that employee.

New Beginnings Learning Academy plans to reopen Monday.