A Belton ISD student athlete tested positive for COVID-19, the district’s athletic director announced Monday afternoon.

The student participated in Belton High School’s summer strength and condition camp, Athletic Director Sam Skidmore said.

“Symptoms developed on Saturday morning, so they did not attend camp today but instead went to get tested,” Skidmore said in a statement. “However, the student did participate in activities last Friday at Tiger Field, within their workout group.”

All activities for Belton High School at Tiger Field are suspended Tuesday to ensure everything is cleaned and disinfected as well as to communicate to students and their families, Skidmore said.

“Cleaning efforts include indoor facilities, such as the weight room, receiving specialized disinfection fogging treatments,” Skidmore said. “Equipment is sanitized between each use and all items are cleaned between group rotations.”

The summer strength and condition camp is expected to resume Wednesday, Skidmore said.