Food Truck Park in Killeen

With the dining area closed to customers, visitors to the Food Truck Park in Killeen were asked to wait in their vehicles for their food to be delivered Sunday as owners practiced safe social distancing.

KILLEEN — The new coronavirus outbreak is affecting nearly all aspects of daily life, from grocery shopping to entertainment options. The pandemic is even affecting meal options, as many restaurants either close their doors or move to carry-out only services in order to practice social safety procedures.

“It has definitely affected business,” said Sabrina Hebert, co-owner of the Killeen Food Park and Simply Good Burgers, one of the food trucks at the park. “Both the indoor and outdoor seating areas are closed, and we are asking people to wait in their cars and bringing the food out to them.”

Hebert said the closure of the dining areas has caused some drop off in business, but not too much, as people seem to still want to get out of the house and get food, even if they have to eat in their cars.

“I think the biggest difficulty in all this is just the fact that people can’t enjoy themselves outside,” Hebert said.

Other food truck owners said their biggest concern was making sure they could buy enough ingredients for their meals.

“We’ve actually seen an increase in business over the past week, I think because it is easier for people to get in and out of here,” said Jamacco Byrom-Mumphery, owner of Macco Wings Plus. “The hardest thing to get has been meat products. On a good day I probably go through around 450 wings a day, and right now I’m lucky if I am able to buy half of that a day.”

All of the food truck owners at the park have said they have taken to shopping as early as possible in order to get the supplies they need.

“I waited outside of Sam’s Club this morning for about an hour just waiting to get in the store,” said Reon Hunt, owner of The Roll Up. “We were probably the 100th customer group in line this morning, and we still had to go to three different stores today to get the food we needed.”

Despite the minor problems in shopping and having to close the dining areas, Hebert said her first concern is for the customers.

“We want to keep everybody safe right now,” she said. “Stay safe, take care of yourself, and we will get through this.”