I’m a very proud grandfather of a granddaughter who played volleyball in a Select League, Temple High School, Blinn Junior College and then she finished her career at Prairie View A&M.

The elderly and disabled citizens of Temple are again being targeted by changing policies by the HOP Paratransit System. For clients who live on a “dead-end” street in the Temple neighborhood, instead of receiving regular accommodations of door-to-door service, will now be required to find a…

According to a recent article in the Telegram, a Temple city official said that the “Georgetown Railroad was constructed during the early 1900s.”

My thanks to Rachael Carroll Craig of Belton for her March 14 response to my take on the Telegram story, “Skyrocketing rental rates forcing Temple residents out of homes.”

Now the self-appointed Morality Police are scouring our libraries for Greek mythology, e.g. Oedipus, Zeus and others like that guy Onan (you know what book that’s from) to cancel.

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A recent Telegram “LGBTQ+ Community” Associated Press story shamefully justified drag queens who target children. The headline asked — “Some states target drag shows. Many wonder: Why?”