You would think with all the urgent issues our congressional representatives currently have on their plates in Washington, bullying an endangered species that’s already struggling to survive would be beneath their dignity — but apparently not!

I saw the Temple mayor on the Monday evening broadcast on Channel 25. He said he was not invited to the Temple NAACP program that was organized to encourage the city officials to offer answers to the shooting of Michael Dean.

My frequent reaction to most of your editorials is simply to shake my head, but sometimes I feel the need to respond, if only for my own mental health. Today I address your editorial, “American reactions,” printed on Jan. 7.

Qasem Soleimani, Iran’s top-ranked military leader who had been responsible for over 600 American deaths in the past and a designated terrorist by President Barack Obama and other presidents, was ordered killed by President Donald Trump.

I am writing this letter in response to Ms. Lois Bland’s letter to the editor in the Jan. 8 Telegram, quoting scripture and citing one Democrat’s view of President Donald Trump as if it were the beliefs of all Democrats.

The people turn to a president for reason, to be steady in thought and actions. After all, it is the president that sets the tone and guides and help focus the habits, the hearts, and minds of all citizens.

I read Mr. Jessup’s letter and I totally agree with his thoughts on the president. Donald Trump is, exactly what we need in that office. We’ve needed someone like him for a long time.

With thousands of people in Temple, hardly anyone is responding to a recent writer at about the end of December who said there is no basis for discrimination based on ethnicity, except on idiotic behavior at an individual level. Thus some groups are in poverty, jail and so forth relatively m…

Donald Trump complains that he can’t get anything done until the Democrats stop investigating him. So he’s not going to work on infrastructure or anything else.

We’re embarking upon a new year, and a subject on my heart is the caregiver. When someone becomes incapacitated, everyone’s heart goes out to the sick or injured person. They pray for them and wish them well as they should. But not many think of the persons who support those who are sick/inj…

The Dec. 2 letter from Mr. Dawson addressed our two Republican senators, asking them to vote out our president. I want him back in as president because he is not a self-serving, corrupt politician!

Cal Thomas’ article on “Politics and Religion” illuminates the complex interaction of Judeo-Christian faith and its obligation to obeying all authorities including the pagan, corrupt and ungodly, at all times. I struggled with this issue much, and I’m glad to have read Cal Thomas’s essay to …

A Telegram article outlined a strange event held on Sept. 15, 1896. On that day at a Texas location, the Katy railroad staged a massive train wreck when two locomotives raced headlong into each other.