Our Declaration of Independence calls for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, not for killing children who are alive.

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Witchcraft is being taught in Temple Independent School District schools! Temple High’s recent play was about a medium who summons the spirit of a novelist’s deceased wife. In 2018, the Telegram reported, Western Hills Elementary created a K-5 academics/ behavior competition system using “Ha…

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Texas used to have serious U.S. Senators with gravitas such as Ralph Yarborough, John Tower, Lloyd Bentsen, Phil Gramm and Kay Bailey Hutchison). Now we have Ted Cruz who bailed on his constituents during last February’s freeze for Cancun and now is preparing for a career as a comedian.

A recent letter suggested that mortgage companies should pay some workers who have no legal right or authorization to be working, living or occupying anything in the United States some sort of compensation by the entity that hired the unauthorized person to complete a job. I’m not sure how o…

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In Austria, Nov. 16 saw vast weekend demonstrations over the COVID-19 vax mandate. Vaxxed people will soon be locked down. Same for non-vaxxed, but they will not be allowed to go out even to buy food.

A page 1A Telegram article on Nov. 15 by The Associated Press explains as many as 160,000 active duty military soldiers are having trouble feeding their families. We all know the stories about our veterans and struggles of homeless veterans. Some are having to depend on assistance from food …

Will someone get him a big red nose that lights up. Put him on a unicycle, or maybe his skate board, and send him on his merry way.

The current commies in power know that they cannot allow an election, so they most probably cause a food shortage and declare martial law and stay in power, forever pushing the hoax of climate change.

When one has been angry for a very long time, one gets used to it. And they can’t remember feeling any other way.

Has anybody been paying attention to the folks at the World Series games, or the Aggie football games? Forty-five thousand people packed in together, and at the football game at A&M the attendance was announced at more than 100,000, and not one mask did I see anywhere.

To my recollection, George Aldridge and I are not acquainted. I suspect we might hold similar moral, social, and political values if not the same opinions. I’m perplexed, however, how he could have so mischaracterized my letter about the Southern border problems.

In all the hysteria over the federal government “forcing” people to get the coronavirus vaccine, one fact seems to be overlooked. The plan does not require anyone to get the shot. One can get the shot, or be tested weekly.