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Picking up my March 28 Telegram, an article on additional cases of COVID-19 in Bell County drew my attention. Realizing Temple thus far has been the epicenter for the virus in Bell County, it seemed unreasonable for the health and safety of the county citizens to have County Judge David Blac…

I’d like to thank H-E-B, Sam’s Club, and many other businesses for the amazing job they’re doing during these trying times. H-E-B and Sam’s Club quickly limited the number you can buy of many items to prevent some people from buying up supplies that other people need.

The way that this country is reacting to the coronavirus epidemic reminds me of how we reacted to the beginning of World War II. Even though I was a young child, I remember the panic created by the war. Everything had to be rationed as people started panic buying and we quickly ran out of es…

I think by the time the pols of both parties get done “stimulating” the American people will have solved the financial problems on their own and moved on.

Just an observation regarding the “Lifting Spirits” article that appeared on the front page of the Wednesday edition of the Temple Daily Telegram. It was an interesting read, and I’m sure the activity brought smiles to many folks who witnessed the parade.

Every day, I wait for an editorial that will bring common sense and reason to the readers. We have a president who has no understanding of disease and epidemiology. He equates COVID-19 to other flus and viruses we have had in other years. He fails to understand that COVID-19 is highly contag…

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I’ll try to be brief. I’m getting tired of seeing pro-Republican bias in the Telegram. Almost every political comment has a seriously pro-Republican lean to it.

I had a card game at my house with six other people. They are all Donald Trump supporters — I am not.

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I had a card game at my house with six other people. They are all Donald Trump supporters — I am not.

I read with disgust the Saturday Telegram article concerning our “honorable” members of Congress denial of insider trading after selling off millions of dollars of equities (stocks) after attending several closed-door meetings concerning the coming disruptions COVID-19 would cause and everyd…

I want to recognize our local White Knights. I am not referring to our courageous medical and first responder personnel but rather I would like to recognize the men and women serving on the front lines in our local grocery stores.

The institutionalized media, in their haste to be first, more often than not get it wrong and publish nothing but what used to be classified as gossip. Professionally reporting on important issues today requires a level of sophistication and discipline that few in the mainstream media demons…

People are jamming into medical facilities. Sports stadiums are empty. Schools and workplaces closed. Store shelves emptying out. Stock market swinging up and down wildly.

Responding to Mr. Jessup’s March 2 letter: Really … Mr. Jessup? You are quoting as everything being a hoax?