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I must disagree with Pam Neal’s remark (Telegram Jan. 9) that Democrats believe in our democracy. She forgets, as many have, the destruction Democrats caused on cities and federal buildings in the summer of 2020. The Democrats will destroy the Constitution and bylaws by which we believe.

“America! Where are you now? Don’t you care about your sons and daughters?” These are lyrics from a song released over 50 years ago and the message is even more relevant today. The song, “Monster Suicide America” by Steppenwolf, warns about corruption in government.

We would like to commend Jacqueline Anderson, who delivers the Temple Daily Telegram to our home. To show our appreciation to Jacqueline for her service, we mailed her a Christmas card with a small check enclosed.

How many of you recall the tractor-cades to Washington, D.C., back in the ’80s by farmers protesting farm prices?

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Democrats believe in our democratic republic while Republicans have embraced autocratic fascism.

It’s been more than two weeks since the COVID-19 vaccine was received in Temple/Bell County and still no Category 1B citizens received the shot. This is not acceptable.

I don’t have any idea how many people might have taken time to watch the National Finals Rodeo Finals. These athletes don’t get the recognition that football, baseball, basketball and other athletes receive. If you weren’t able to watch the 10 nights the NFR was on television, you missed som…

The relief bill Congress passed is a big step forward, but way short of what’s needed. And there’s a gaping hole in it: the rest of the world.

I can’t blame you for not coming to check on me. You still remember me “young” through your childhood eyes, when I was strong and didn’t need your help.

Generally a person will strive to better himself by trying to be as good and capable as he can be in what is chosen as his profession. He would also to try to make the very best choice in selecting those who fix his car, be his doctor or to protect his country.

Time for us Deplorables (Proles) to recognize that the elitists are now in the lead. You know it’s gonna be a bad day when 49.999 percent of those voting say “Man, would I hate to be in your shoes.”