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Man’s inhumanity to man. For all the very wrong reasons, you have decided to not get vaccinated. You intentionally risk your life, the life of your family, the life of your fellow Americans.

To our city street departments and our mayor: We need some new streets but it is long overdue that some of our streets are in dire need of repairs.

Friedrich Schiller, the 18th century German classical poet of freedom and brotherhood, declared that there are limits to a tyrant’s power. He also declared that “No man must ‘must.’”

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Scott & White doctors/ nurses, will any of you risk your careers to speak the truth? During this “pandemic” it has become evident that there are several medications (used for years with other diseases) that help right when someone gets this virus and can even help the body keep from getting it.

In response to Jose Martinez, who took something I wrote previously out of context and turned it into a race debate about Anglo-Americans taking over Texas from the Mexicans.

C3 photosynthesis plants constitute 85% of land plants and populate all climates. Examples: rice, wheat, trees. Three percent of plants use C4 plus C3 photosynthesis. These populate tropics, semi-tropics and deserts where high light and temperatures prevail. Examples: corn, sorghum, most gra…

In the past weeks I’ve noticed two of our local family owned restaurants have gone out of business.

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With regard to Girija Chintapalli’s expressed view that former President Donald Trump should call President Joe Biden and offer to help with Joe’s vaccination campaign, the White House press secretary recently was asked if Trump would be included with the other remaining living presidents al…

As a Texas resident/voter/taxpayer, I have watched the absolutely dysfunctional Texas “Lege” be compromised every session (now in a void of special session) by politics, lobbyist, and much, just plain, ole’ corruption with a cursory “wink and a nod”..... for most of my 71 years!

Just one more time. Most of us will utter or hear those words during the course our lives when we say we wish we had just one more chance to share a thought or feeling with someone in our life.

I must admit the dumbest thing I have heard in the longest time that I can remember is less police and more folks to answer 911 calls to go and talk to people about their feeling.

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I compliment your July 17 editorial, “Credit for vaccination.” You hit the nail right on the head underscoring the importance of vaccination against the pandemic.

In response to George Aldridge’s letter of July 12: Thank you, Mr. Aldridge, for enhancing my letter of July 5.

On behalf of Bell Fine Arts and Salado Village Artists, I would like to thank the Temple Daily Telegram for publishing our announcements and photos. Like many organizations our memberships and activities were curtailed due to COVID-19. Through the Telegram’s coverage, we were able to reach n…