In Peter Jessup’s April 9 letter, he touts his research abilities and provides examples of subjects he has knowledge of but hasn’t shared via letters to the editor. I found his research results grossly detrimental to the facts. Researching the same topics, I found the following:

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After reading Jill Cunningham’s April 5 letter in the Telegram, I have to assume that she had not yet had the chance to read the Hennepin County medical examiner’s report on George Floyd. Please do at your convenience at https://www.…

Now that Texas continues to open up and restore a greater sense of normalcy to our lives, it’s time to give a big shout-out of thanks.

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I read today what our so-called leader said about restricting guns and their usage. I hope everyone who read that has an idea of how the Nazi Party in Germany and the Communists in Eastern Europe were able to take absolute control of their countries.

April 6 my spouse, Teresita Roman, and myself reported to the Temple VA Hospital to get our COVID injections. We preregistered as they require and received an invitation by text. We did not have an appointment so we expected to wait. We traveled from Copperas Cove, arrived at about 8:30 a.m.…

The media persist as a bullhorn for everything Trump. The latest is his call for boycotts of companies that criticize states’ voter suppression of blacks and Hispanics. Republicans thereby suppress the free speech of said companies yet welcome their campaign donations.

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I want to thank Diana Torres for her well-meant criticism of my letter about George Floyd. I research all my letters before I submit them so I get the facts correct. That one took three hours to research and write.

It is important that opinions should be based on facts. It has been said that George Floyd was resisting arrest. That is not supported by surveillance video as well as several witnesses.

A recent misinformed letter to the editor said that folks should “… stand outside the ‘Democratic’ erected fence surrounding our capitol.”

I would like to congratulate one of your staff writers on the recent accolades she was given for her outstanding weekly contributions in “Backroads.” That writer is Patricia Benoit, who I do not know, but am very appreciative of bringing the Telegram readers such incredible stories.

Saturday, March 20, my husband and I were eating breakfast at Bella Blue. When we finished we asked for the check and the waitress informed us our meal had been paid.

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Mr. Peter Jessup, George Floyd’s past activities and criminal convictions have absolutely no bearing on his death.

“Is it nothing to you?” (Lam 1:12). This Easter how do you answer Christ’s cry through Jeremiah, the prophet, concerning His great anguish, sorrow, suffering, and death on the cross?

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Reflecting upon Peter Jessup’s most recent letter (April 1), I am left wondering what it must be like to go through life believing that you are an expert about pretty much every issue, whether it be climate change, hydroxychloroquine, the coronavirus and now the death of George Floyd.