In reading a recent letter to the editor, I was struck by the clear writing style and simple point about giving up our rights in this time. But I did want to ask a couple of questions. Do you feel the same about laws that require automobile insurance or seat belts? How about laws that restrict smoking in public places? Or hospitals that restrict smoking?

Finally, let me extend your reasoning just a bit further. If your rights end where my nose begins, as the common saying goes, what about the air that you breathe that may contain a virus, unknown to you? Does your breathing end where my need for air begins?

If you choose not to wear a mask, can we then grant your wish, but banish you from public life while this outbreak continues? Or are you willing to perform an act of charity and to be on the safe side, show that you are not infecting others? That you are willing to take a minimal act, for a temporary time, in order to act to save your community?

David Krause