What’s the worst news you could wake up to on a Monday morning? How about this? Your local high school is about to implement two new grievance courses: “African American Studies” and “Mexican American Studies.”

In a time when so many blacks and Hispanics are dropping the modifier and wanting to be proud Americans, this is a huge step backward. It’s not just that these classes are “junk academics” and waste the students’ time. It’s also that they provide a paycheck for teachers (political correctness dictates their skin color) to continue to divide us.

This literally makes me sick.

I have long advocated for more classes on civics, western civilization, American exceptionalism, citizenship and personal finance. Those classes would actually be positive and helpful. If nothing else, this warped idea that two ethnicities must be “studied” separately but unequally is a travesty. “White American Studies” is off the table, as it should be. So should the other two.

Our country is divided to the point that one party’s supporters riot and loot in the streets. Blame it on the schools. This kind of garbage causes it. If we don’t stop this kind of thing in our schools, our country will become a tribal Third-World nation. If we survive at all.

Lynn Woolley