Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — if lives matter: black, white, brown or any color — there would not be any more useless killings. What would happen? One thing we would not see the senseless taking of a life.

Whatever the color, either by police or anyone else, we would not have these senseless mob hysteria marches. Burning, looting, destruction of property would end.

Now to another subject addressing COVID-19. Yes we have over 100,000 lives taken by this virus. The deaths are still taking place and will for a long period of time until a vaccine is found to control the virus.

Now to get to my story — abortion. I have will continue to preach to you pro-life. You well know that life starts with that first heartbeat. Then why will a certain group of people continue to advocate abortion, the taking the life of an unborn baby. Most mothers will be proud to say I am going to have a baby. She will be congratulated. But there are some that will take the life of 3,000 unborn babies every day. That is 100,000 unborn babies every month and over 1 million every year. Why is this not reported in big headlines on the news networks? Why, it’s not popular.

On Oct. 4, I will be standing on South 31st Street at my usual place. If you are for stopping the killing of unborn babies you will be with me also. Oh how they need your help. I can hear them crying out help me, save me “My life matters.” What answer will you give?

Milton Hensley