We have people of all political stripes across my extended family. One of my earliest political memories is of a cousin a few years older than I am making faces at the television during a speech by President Ronald Reagan. “How could she be so disrespectful?” I thought, “He’s the leader of our country!”

Since that time, there have been several presidents with whom I’ve disagreed, sometimes vehemently. But I value our system of government and I respect the office, so still use “President” when referring to all of them. It’s deeply disheartening to hear people using derogatory nicknames as if they were in grade school in reference to people leading our country, no matter what political party.

In President Reagan’s era, my cousin was a child. As adults, we should know better, particularly adults who “often sit in church” and so should be familiar with Exodus 22:28. It’s also disheartening to so consistently read hatred in on this page.

Editorial choices have left me hardly recognizing the town where I grew up and, even as a fervent believer in the First Amendment, I don’t see what is gained by printing messages of hate and, yes, misinformation. I hope it’s not too late for readers of the Telegram to make a 2022 resolution to contribute productive letters and for the Telegram to print them.

Piper Hendricks