I compliment your July 17 editorial, “Credit for vaccination.” You hit the nail right on the head underscoring the importance of vaccination against the pandemic.

It is apropos with the recent increase in the delta variety. Regardless of political affiliation, this pandemic needs to be arrested every which way we can. Delusions (“fixed belief despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary”) against the vaccine use, is not to be confused with exercising one’s fundamental right of freedom of choice. Everyone knows the analogy of “yelling fire in a crowded theater.”

Haven’t we seen vaccines eradicating lethal diseases like smallpox, polio, diphtheria, etc., in our lifetime?

You mentioned previous ex-presidents (Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama) called on the then-president in times of crises to help the situations. Why doesn’t former President Donald Trump, who never shies from mouthing his opinions frankly, uninhibited and sometimes in coarse language, do the same — call on President Joe Biden and offer his assistance in controlling the pandemic. I agree with you that if Trump comes forward with positive statements about the vaccine, a lot of his supporters and followers will heed his advice and take the vaccine. He has already wasted 6 months of precious time in wallowing over the delusional belief he won the election and spending time in rallies propagating either the “illegitimate win of Biden” or the election campaign for 2024.

I suggest you start announcing the importance of taking the vaccine on the front page and urging all non-believers to sacrifice their personal beliefs in the larger interest of national health and get the vaccine. Just like you used to publish the caseload everyday on the front page.

Dr. Girija Chintapalli