As a taxpaying citizen of Temple, I will be voting against the Temple Independent School District bond proposal that will be voted on the Nov. 2 ballot. I urge others also to vote against it.

The TISD already receives enormous property tax monies from local residents with a budget of about $13,347 per student per year ($1,483 per student per school year month).

A very large number of the taxpayers have no children in the TISD school system. And many are of the opinion that property taxes are excessive.

Bond elections are sometimes needed but it is important that bond elections sometimes fail. If the bond election fails the TISD board would then have an opportunity to step back and reassess the schooling system, work to eliminate waste and inefficiencies, and better prioritize projects needing to be accomplished. The board should either find ways within the budget to complete renovations and construction of buildings or fund the projects without always turning to taxpayers to pay up just a little more than they already pay through property taxes.

In the future all attempts should be made and demonstrated that the TISD board is providing excellent stewardship of the monies in the budget before a bond proposal is put forth.

J. Pliska