What can an average citizen do? We are saddled with a feckless, ineffective president. He lies, often randomly and for no apparent reason.

He makes bad decisions. He is the worst president in a lifetime that started when FDR was president. Open borders, extending rent payment holidays while ignoring the Supreme Court. We know not other detrimental actions under his direction.

Those horrific actions pale compared with the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle. If it represents the best that this government can do, America is in deep trouble. Such ineptitude must not be tolerated.

He’s only been in office eight months. Imagine what harm he will do if not removed.

The House of Representatives, with far less cause, would have started impeachment against his predecessor but now will do nothing. Our feckless congressman will do nothing but grin at photo ops. He could be the poster boy for term limits. He should press to impeach Biden, but won’t. Perhaps it’s time for him to be replaced.

This situation exposes a terrible flaw in the U.S. Constitution. There are no means to remove representatives from office by direct action. Indirect representation cannot achieve what the nation needs. Even the political lunacy that is California has a recall provision. Only the House can impeach a president with it being left to the Senate to remove one from office. It has never happened and never will.

Impeachment has become a partisan political tool, not a reasonable check and balance.

Give us a California-style recall amendment to the Constitution. Let every member of the federal government be at risk for the will of the people to call for a referendum on their removal from office. Include all three branches.

R.H. Hutchins