Why do we have laws against cruel and unusual punishment for protecting our criminal population?

I do not think we as a so-called modern society should be wasting time and resources doing great things for one element of our society and not for all others. This national pastime of feeling sorry for one segment of our no longer great country should be expanded.

We should be ashamed that our nursing homes are near 100 percent deficient in doing their jobs. I have been in enough of them in the past four years to be an expert on old folks and the poor and unbelievably cruel and unusual torture some of our finest citizens have to endure on a daily basis.

I truly believe that this society has lost its mind and lost its way. I believe that our great nation has became a dumpster for all the trash of the “losers, hypocrites and thieves” that have became the prevailing demographic on this planet.

People are the ones that have to change.

I had a massive stroke four years ago today. It’s been an amazing experience for me. My eyes, my mind and my heart have been transformed from a dead human being to someone who knows all. I will continue my work on Earth until I am no longer needed.

John Stennett