Referencing the Telegram’s article (Aug. 30) “Creek still attracts swimmers despite health risk;” that article missed on educating the public on risks, such as long-term effects from E. coli infection which can be fatal (i.e. HUS, particularly in children under 5 years and the elderly; blood cells are destroyed and kidneys fail).

Water that has a history of having contained human waste, agriculture/street/ditch runoff and high levels of E. coli bacteria is unsafe for people to entertain in.

City spokesman Paul Romer saying, “The water testing was totally self-initiated,” is an attempt to show responsibility, but action speaks louder. Will we see that self-initiative with payment of medical bills if someone does get sick? Of course not, thus the signage “swim at own risk,” limiting the city’s liability.

That article stated that other than a sewage spill from Killeen in 2011, there were no known problems with the water quality. That statement is worse than a July 24 Telegram report saying the creek was only contaminated in Killeen but not down the creek in Belton. Lifelong citizens know better than that. We know the history of the creek. We’re not dumb.

Romer’s claim “… tons more people than anticipated came to swim ...” is questionable. There are 2,000 pounds in a ton.

That entire article seemed to be an effort to help promote and justify wasteful spending, money down the creek, leaving taxpayers up the creek.

Martha Berry