The Telegram should either stop its deceptive self-description as a politically independent newspaper or re-configure its daily editorial page to reflect political balance. Clearly you lean heavily toward libertarian and far-right politics. To become independent:

On major issues: print side-by-side columns from experts arguing pro or con.

The editorial should reflect opinions based in fact, following good journalistic standards of addressing the who, what, where, when, why and how of the claims; avoid all conspiracy theories, unless that is the topic.

Editorial cartoons should reflect your publication’s viewpoints, but also be in good taste (civil and truthful, not disparaging like the one about CNN and China), reflect current controversies or issues, and be educational. Decent political parody works. Get rid of the far right Mallard Fillmore cartoon.

If you choose not to put pro/con columns side-by-side, then please alternate op-ed columns between great thinkers like George Will on the right, Paul Krugman or Katrina Vanden Heuvel or Ezra Klein on the left, and Thomas Powell or other libertarian. Time to get rid of fact-averse Cal Thomas, Marc Thiessen, John Stossel and Larry Elder. Continue or add near center entertaining superb writers such as Kathleen Parker. Hopefully you will make an earnest attempt to seek recovery and truly become the politically independent paper you claim to be. Quit pandering to the right, or proclaim yourself to be a proud politically conservative local newspaper.

Robert E. Burke