I’m afraid COVID is a permanent illness we will have to deal with the same as the flu. Most of the letters to the editor are about COVID.

I know it is a terrible illness and everyone has an opinion but can we move on. One person’s opinion will not change another’s. Life must go on.

The same goes for the opinion someone has about President Trump and sleepy Joe (go Brandon). Even Joe said, “let’s go Brandon.” What a loser.

Democrats were accusing President Trump for the deaths from COVID during his term. When did people begin taking God out of the equation? I’m sure they have new excuses for all the deaths under Joe’s watch. Oh and don’t forget all the babies murdered through abortion. He’s a big defender for baby killers.

When George Bush and Al Gore were running for President my devout Christian father asked me if I was really going to vote for George Bush. In return I asked him if he was going to vote for a baby killer. He didn’t!

Everyone has an opinion and I often sit in church and wonder how many Christians voted for Joe.

We all have to answer for the choices we make but the destruction of our country through the likes of Joe Biden are going to be a huge pull to swallow.

Lord please forgive us for our transgressions!

Lois Bland