I noticed a disturbing trend in many of the letters to the editor lately. It would appear that a significant number of people have consumed the liberal/progressive Kool-Aid and are convinced that a person’s civil liberties and long held constitutional rights are to be sacrificed on the altar of “public safety.”

A former California governor recently made the statement “screw your rights.” Maybe he would prefer the rights he would have in Austria.

I find this trend profoundly disturbing. Imagine living in a society where everything that was risky, or potentially harmful, were illegal. Check out the movie Demolition Man (1997). As was the case in this futuristic/progressive society, all things “not good for you” were illegal. When I first saw this film, I found it amusing … now, not so much!

When the delta variant first arrived, I remember experts saying how it was more contagious, but not as fatal. Now, they are again predicting the coming apocalypse. I believe they saw their control over the sheep slipping when people started going back to normal.

Now, not only do you have to have the vaccine times 2, but you will be motivated to have a third injection, then a fourth, fifth? Over 100 million Americans have already had COVID (CDC numbers). That means that one-third of the population already has natural immunity. It worked pretty well for chicken pox, measles, etc.

After consulting my crystal ball, I see commercials on TV advertising law firms in 2035 wanting to represent people who received the COVID vaccine in 2020-21 who may be entitled to compensation for being turned into flesh-eating zombies from the vaccine. Watch the commercials today.

David Blankemeier