This is in response to the Rev. Harrison’s letter advocating the removal of Civil War monuments — specifically the monument located at the Bell County Courthouse. I believe that Harrison like 99.9 percent-plus of all religious clergy are good people with good intentions. However I believe that he is misguided in his focus on the removal of Confederate Monuments.

Anyone who believes that tearing down monuments of the past will build a better future does not understand that the one thing in life you can do nothing about is the past. What’s done is done — it’s history and there’s nothing you can do now or ever to change it.

I believe that today’s clergy (of all races) need to take the approach of Marin Luther King and focus on the sins of the present not the sins of the past! MLK focused on segregation and equal rights for all people and in doing so drove the passage of civil rights legislation in the 1960s.

Apparently he understood that dwelling on the past was wasted effort and that by changing the present would create a better future for all people. What are the sins of the present? The illegal drug pandemic that is destroying the youth of all races, the dissolution of the nuclear family by having too many fatherless families, and gang violence in the Temple-Killeen area are prime examples — there are plenty more.

To Harrison and all members of the clergy: By focusing on the sins of the past and ignoring the sins of the present we condemn our children to the sins of the future.

Larry Allis