Buzzwords. Those are words of people afraid to lose power.

They will say anything to get you jazzed up enough to vote for them. The current ones are cancel culture, illegals, socialism, critical race theory, abortion, trans and LGBTQ.

I used to think Gov. Greg Abbott was all right but he has clearly drunk the Kool-Aid. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is a non-Texan joke.

What was the term? The 1836 Project that promotes “patriotic education.” Does any of that not sound wrong? The constitution was never meant to be the end all be all. It’s a living document that can be and has been changed. Our state was founded on rebellion. Against the rule of law and order.

Yet here we are, squabbling over scraps. Maybe if people would get off the controversy of the day and actually focus on governing we’d be all right. Imagine the crap we could accomplish together. Still waiting on my flying car and pizza hydrate level 4. The one question I ask is current Republicans … if your message is so great, why gerrymander, make it harder for people to vote, go out of your way to make something out of nothing? Democrats, just chill. You don’t have to cancel everyone who doesn’t agree with you.

Oh and while we are here. The talk about the jail expansion. I remember when the voters shot down the proposal for the newer jail twice but the powers that be went ahead and built it. Quit bringing people in for dumb stuff.

Kyle Fino