As a Texas resident/voter/taxpayer, I have watched the absolutely dysfunctional Texas “Lege” be compromised every session (now in a void of special session) by politics, lobbyist, and much, just plain, ole’ corruption with a cursory “wink and a nod”..... for most of my 71 years!

So what’s the big deal? The “Big Deal” has already been made in backrooms in the “least liked” city in California — Austin, Texas, for us, the oppressed Texas taxpayers.

The “Lege” is a charade by both self-serving political “parties” and it is evidenced by another, huge pile of their “prairie cow pie,” piling up in the Capitol, every session!

For instance, a Texas state built border wall (what a hoot — never to happen), Electrical Grid Fix (not ’til the PUC/ERCOT “fix” is in yet again and then with even more shaded, deviousness than the last), property tax reform — more, “for votes,” empty rhetoric every session and so many more other theatrical presentations by that massive, morass also known as the “Texas Legislature.” ... whether in regular or special session.

Like the old saying says: “If a/any politician’s lips are moving, they’re lying — if their hands are moving — it’s to grab your wallet …!” That’s the facts, Jack!

T.R. (Tom) Pappas