There is nothing more fun than putting a really good DVD in, plopping down to a night of entertainment to watch a really great show or movie.

So, I read the reviews, which were great; it had won multiple awards, that’s great. So when loaned the full six seasons of "Breaking Bad," I was all set for an amazing marathon of great entertainment. After watching Season 1, I found myself feeling depressed; Season 2, depressed and disappointed; Season 3, depressed, disappointed and dark; Season 4 through Season 6 depressed, disappointed, dark and disturbed.

I could not understand why this show was praised when the journey of the characters portrayed an evil world full of deception, denial, drugs, depression, dominance, destruction and death. It was all about the mind of individuals controlled by evil through drugs, money and the need for power.

It pulled innocent victims into the darkness and ultimately death just because they were associated with those consumed with evil. The reality is so many are caught up in this destructive world of mind-altering drugs and alcohol unable to see the path they have chosen leads them into a world they cannot survive in.

Hollywood creates a world where Satan controls the minds and hearts of lost souls. The stars of Hollywood have become the space debris of a broken world, creating immoral shows encouraging evil in the minds of man while destroying the innocence in the minds of our children.

Sandy Killough