The Dec. 2 letter from Mr. Dawson addressed our two Republican senators, asking them to vote out our president. I want him back in as president because he is not a self-serving, corrupt politician!

He donates his salary. When has a president done that? I served in the military from President Truman to President George W. Bush. He cares about them in a way that very few politicians ever do.

He is not a socialist Democrat, who believes we give away free medical care and food stamps to people who could work but won’t as long as they can get them for nothing. I see so-called veterans who think because they did their duty they deserve free stuff. I am a long-term VFW and American Legion member where I meet real veterans, all of whom had jobs or are retired. We help each other, like we did when we were on active duty, and do not rely on charity.

Another reason I like him is he is not afraid to say what he thinks in a manner we can understand. He does use some salty language, but so do I when I want you to really listen. I learned that from General Patton, along with some of his other advice he freely gave.

Texas is a conservative state. I know we have had an influx of socialist liberals invade us from California, but so far we have resisted their attempts to socialize the state. They succeeded somewhat in Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth, but for the most part the remainder of the state remains conservative. This why our senators shouldn’t worry about re-election too much.

George H. Barrett