Per Temple Telegram news coverage in reference to Little River-Academy — it can’t get any more redneck than that — and I thought my mayor was useless.

What a total embarrassment for Little River-Academy’s soap opera to spill outside its city limits. It’s a total waste of resources that affects taxpayers. City officials of Little River-Academy should be ashamed of the news headlines.

If Little River-Academy has gone through nine police chiefs within seven years, consider the common denominator. Wake up and send the mayor to the house. Where’s the outrage? Are residents scared to speak out of fear, or is it because officials are all friends, church members or kinfolk?

In the “real world” of business and human resource, a high turnover of employees would raise eyebrows. You either lead by example and produce great results, or pack your assets out the door.

I am embarrassed over our Belton mayor’s lack of concern and partiality toward residents but if I lived in Little River-Academy, I would be “extremely” embarrassed. Little River-Academy citizens allowing Mayor White to ride the dole and continue his antics are beyond comprehension.

Non-action to replace their mayor is a total slap in the face to Academy’s good people. It’s also a dishonor to the town’s Little River-Academy grandfathers who sacrificed, endured and overcame obstacles and made Little River-Academy, especially to those who served in the U.S. military to uphold freedom and liberty.

As I plan to do, Little River-Academy should also consider getting rid of good ol’ boys and useless mayors.

Joe Trevino Jr.