In 2007, after a Belton senior citizen fell on a dilapidated city sidewalk and was severely injured, the City Council acted concerned because it was a public safety issue. Back then, Mayor pro tem Marion Grayson was for sidewalks and sidewalk improvements. She wanted to include it in the budget process.

In the Telegram Sept. 13 “Belton sidewalks” story our Realtor-Mayor Grayson flip-flops and is now against sidewalks, siding with the developers who are opposed to installing sidewalks according to city ordinances. Is her concern on what a developer has to pay because she has a family member working with developers who oppose sidewalks?

Now Grayson flip-flops again and is for a sidewalk that will cost $1.1 million (Telegram, Oct. 28, “Costly Changes”).

Marion’s flip-flopping is reminiscent of Hillary’s email-gate, saying one thing then another as long as it benefits her interests. Belton needs a real mayor that represents citizens equally, not a flip-flopper.

Michael Ware