In January, Europe’s electrical grids almost imploded. France, U.K. and Germany supply most of Europe’s electricity. They had a 7-day wind drought. Half their power comes from weather dependent renewables, mostly wind. Renewables are wind, solar, hydroelectric and burning wood (biomass) imported. Renewables make power generation chaotic. That’s highly variable on very short time frames.

Nuclear from France (about a quarter of EU generation capacity) compensates for weather dependent renewables’ variability. Without nuclear, their grid would have collapsed. France is shutting down nuclear at a great rate to go green. As percent of weather dependent renewables increases, it’s harder to keep electricity deliveries stable to prevent blackouts.

Germany government energy auditors warned about green energy costs in 2018. In April, they were alarmed about energy security. They announced green energy poses “an existential threat” to Germany. “Germany as a business location is in danger. (Energy) costs are out of control — there is a growing threat of an electricity shortfall.” (In future) “no one will want to do business in Germany, everyone will be poor,” and social acceptance of windmills will disappear (the Energiewende transition to wind power). Germany’s government underestimates necessary reserve power needs. The auditors warn Germany will degenerate into Third World status.

Imagine Texas in Germany and Europe’s position? Wait, you don’t have to. Just remember February.

On April 13, ERCOT almost caused new blackouts. A cloudy day clobbered their solar.

Peter Jessup