In Austria, Nov. 16 saw vast weekend demonstrations over the COVID-19 vax mandate. Vaxxed people will soon be locked down. Same for non-vaxxed, but they will not be allowed to go out even to buy food.

Germany’s health minister said, “By end of winter all (Germans) will be either be vaccinated, cured of COVID, or dead.”

Meanwhile the EU is “doctor hunting,” which is finding and shutting down doctors who are successfully treating COVID patients in their clinics outside of hospitals. Treatments like Ivermectin and a dozen others. All clinical treatments are being banned. About half of doctors offering these treatments are already disbarred.

EU governments are already using vax mandates to severely restrict the non-vaxxed in many ways. France is one. Meanwhile they admit that mRNA vaccinations only work for a few months. Most current COVID cases are in vaxxed people, for example, in the United Kingdom over three-quarters.

European Medicines Agency Data shows at least 1,163,356 adverse drug reactions and 30,551 deaths from COVID-19 vaccinations (

See the contradiction here. Vaccines don’t work (says UK PM) and could kill you. Get vaxxed anyway or starve to death. COVID is allowing Europe to go totalitarian.

Meanwhile, doctor hunting and COVID passports are taking hold in America and many COVID treatments are also banned.

God help us.

Peter Jessup