During the COVID-19 pandemic caused distress, there is even more stress caused by government disorder and piling on by the news media with their own agendas.

It reminds one of the silent movies Keystone cops, “Let’s go this way, no go the other way, everything went that way!” so it is back and forth and is enough to make a person’s head swim!

Let us open business and tomorrow let us close local business! Just means that no one can stay in business! In the meantime, the construction business keeps going full bore. Contractors recently said they could build more houses if they could get wood and shingles.

Austin’s mayor, a Democrat, wants Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, to let him take over the city! Does he not realize that is unconstitutional? There are questions about any elected official executing executive orders. What has happened to “of the people and by the people”?

Obviously there needs to be some direction to keep people safe. It should not be coming from The Associated Press, CNN and their buddies!

Since Texas is such a large state, it would seem to be reasonable that the leadership should come from the governor in consultation with hospital leadership around the state to effectively meet the health needs of the citizens and not the wants of every local politician and the media!

Clark Magerkurth