In Mr. Jessup’s Dec. 28 letter, he writes of the far-right that “We are not … feminists.” I believe he meant “we are not misogynists.” Feminism is believing that God created women and men with equal value and that people and policies should reflect that.

He supports “education the way it was 60 years ago.” I’m not clear what he means here as 60 years ago, Texas schools were still racially segregated.

He distances far-right views from Nazis because “they hated Jews.” I’m genuinely curious who then marched in Charlottesville with torches chanting “Jews will not replace us.”

Saying you “moved on from racism” is like saying you’ve “moved on from poverty and hunger.” Unfortunately, all three still exist and everyone who believes in liberty and justice for all should seek to understand and address matters that impact our fellow Americans.

Lastly, Mr. Jessup decries name-calling and pins the “current plague of hatred” on “leftist brain-washing,” yet writes “we hate” terrorist groups like BLM and “communists like the current Democrats.” As one of myriad examples of actual communism, we can look to the Czech Republic in 1968, not America in 2021.

Calling all Democrats communists is as productive as calling all Republicans fascists. News that claims either leads people astray, foments hate and deepens current divides. Divides may enrich wealthy owners of a handful of news outlets, but do not serve any of us as Americans.

As we begin 2022, we’d be better served by returning to “love thy neighbor,” seeking to truly understand the life experiences of “the other side,” and recognizing how much we still have in common.

Piper Hendricks