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A report from Texas Success Initiative indicates Temple College is making progress in its efforts to move its students in developmental class on to college level coursework.

One of Temple College’s goals as an Achieving the Dream college is to increase the number of students completing degrees.

Jimmy Roberts, associate vice president of community initiatives and special programs, reported on the school’s success during Monday’s board of trustees meeting.

Achieving the Dream is a reform network with a goal of helping more community college students succeed.

Temple College has had a good year and expects to have a productive 2014.

In 2013, the East Williamson County Education Center in Hutto, a partnership between Texas State Technical College and TC, opened. The college completed its first year as a leader college for Achieving the Dream.

“That was very exciting because it puts you in a different role.” TC President Glenda Barron said.

However, the item that pleases Barron the most is being a co-development partner in the New Mathways Project, a program that offers new mathematic courses that will help students move through developmental classes more quickly and are more aligned with the student’s education focus.

The numbers indicate that Texas is achieving several of the goals set by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s Closing the Gaps program.

However, much work remains, said Raymund Paredes, commissioner of higher education for the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, at a coordinating board leadership conference in Austin.

Temple College was one of three Texas colleges to bring home a Star Award from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s Governing Board Leadership Conference on Friday. TC had nominated its middle college Texas Bioscience Institute for the annual award that recognizes exceptional contributions toward meeting one or more of the goals of Closing the Gaps by 2015, the Texas higher education plan adopted in 2000. The plan establishes four goals — to close the gaps in student participation, student success, academic excellence, and research.